Introduction and Objectives

The 88th ARPEL Experts Level Meeting on "Management of Reservoirs", organized by the Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARPEL), sponsored by Petroperu and with the support of its Exploration and Production Committee, will be the most significant technical event of the year in this field in the region.

The integrated management of reservoirs is a continuous process that includes training and implementation of multidisciplinary teams, with experts from various specialties, whose purpose is to optimize the exploitation of oil and gas fields throughout their productive lives. To achieve this objective, it is essential to use appropriate techniques for monitoring reservoirs, in conjunction with low-cost recovery, facilities and well drilling technologies in order to incorporate reserves and increase the economic value of fields. As a result, the development of the fields in a sustainable manner requires a rigorous work which combines experience and technology, elements that will be put together in this workshop to meet the expectations of all participants.

The main Objective of the RANE is to share experiences from projects and case studies, as well as establish a space for exchange of ideas and information where the latest technologies with regard to integrated management of reservoirs will be made available. Thus, a great number of executives, technical professionals specialized in the field and academic researchers will come together to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices among operating companies and service providers in Latin America.

The technical areas of discussion that will be the major themes of the Congress will focus on topics related to revitalization of mature fields, reservoirs monitoring, reserves management, reservoirs evaluation, gas + gas/condensates reservoirs management and research, development and deployment. Today, all these topics are framed within the growing challenge of the analysis, management, and behavior of reservoirs, which are essential for successful E&P companies with significant oil projects in our region.

Who should participate in the RANE?

The Congress will be of special interest to: managers and professionals in the field of reservoirs, exploration, engineering of reservoirs, reserves, geoengineering/geosciences, field and production development, researchers, consulting firms, representatives of operating companies, academicians and contractors in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Topics of the Congress

Six Theme Sessions will be covered:

  • 1. Revitalization of mature fields
    • Management of mature fields
    • Low-cost technologies (facilities, well-drilling etc.)
    • New technologies
    • Management and evaluation of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods
    • Field cases/history cases
  • 2. Reservoir monitoring
    • Use of permanent sensors in wells
    • Secondary recovery
    • Measurement of produced fluids
    • Well testing and geophysical records in case holdlogs
    • Use of 4D seismic and geomechanics
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Other reservoir monitoring technologies
    • Field cases
  • 3. Reserves management
    • Transformation of resources into reserves
    • Risk analysis
    • Evaluation methods (deterministic/probabilistic)
    • Reclassification
    • Development
    • Certification
  • 4. Reservoir evaluation
    • Naturally fractured reservoirs
    • Seismic applications
    • Other complex reservoirs
    • Integration of data (rock, profiles, well tests, petrophysics, etc.)
    • Integral characterization ("field cases")
    • Shale oil and shale gas
  • 5. Gas + gas/condensates reservoirs management
  • 6. Research, development and deployment
    • Practical applications associated to reservoirs management

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Presentation of technical papers for the RANE

Date for submission of papers has expired.